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What UK Business School Should You Send Your Applications To?

What UK Business School Should You Send Your Applications To?

Choosing where to receive you master of business administration degree is a hard decision to make. There are innumerable aspects to contemplate and you cannot always be sure of the reward. Plus, don’t ignore the great tuition fees you’ll be paying. While online MBA courses have popped up recently, they are still no alternative for the trusted old fashioned MBA with its case study method and the opportunities for networking it gives. If you’re in the United Kingdom, then you can consider yourself to be quite privileged as a resident of one of the few places that offers quite an abundance of choice. Whereas most countries may have a small number of good business schools or none, the United Kingdom has a dozen or so. We have picked what we believe to be the three top business universities in UK for you to give consideration to.

This business school is definitely set apart by the excellence of its alumni. Looking at a list, you will see such figures such as Linda Jackson as well as dozens of other chief executives and chief financial officers. This alone already makes this school one of the top colleges for business administration. Continuously securing itself a top spot at the top twenty of the world, it might not surprise you to learn that the selection process is quite selective, with just under 30 percent of applicants being accepted. Since 2014, the school has been managing a secondary campus in London’s tallest building, which makes it a pretty awesome place to study.

The London-based school where Terence Burns had in the past been a lecturer is definitely a great place to give consideration to. A graduating business majors salary can be expected to be quite big and the entry level jobs for business majors coming out of there are quite bountiful in their quantity. The school is quite known for being located in an old classical building, setting it quite apart from most schools of this sort which opt for completely new facilities. The school also offers excellent options for international exchanges, with some 10 places to choose from. Around a third of students take advantage of this possibility. You could be among them.

Though this school is established in one of the most ancient universities in the United Kingdom it is in fact among the newest institutions. Built by and named after Wafic Said, it has come to be one of the top business schools in UK for masters. If you ever still catch yourself questioning is business a good degree, perhaps you should take a peek at some of the alumni from this university and take into account what they have done with their careers after graduating. Many have gone on to have exceedingly successful and satisfying careers, and you might as well. One benefit of studying in a recently founded school is that all the facilities are still very new.